Carbon Black




Our company engages in producing the medium wearable series(N200), highly wearable series(N300), fast out squeezing series(N500) and general purpose series dry method and wet method carbon blacks. The product is mainly used in rubber industry, such as the tire, tire, rubber shoes, cable, seal ring, adhesive tape, triangular belt and so on all kinds of rubber products; it plays a stratosphere action and filling role in the rubber products. Secondly, the product can be used in other relevant trades, for instance the plastics industry, it can be used as the toner or ultraviolet light shielding agent in the products of plastics industry

At present, the products that our company produce mainly are as follows: N220, N234, N326, N330, N339, N375, N539, N550, N660,etc., and can organize and produce all kinds of special carbon black of hard and soft qualities according to user's enquiry.


N220 is suitable for various kinds of rubbers; the wear ability is higher by 10%-20% than N330, can give the colloidal particle higher tensile strength and tearing toughness and also has certain electric conductivity. It is mainly used in the tread rubber of the load carrying tyre and the rubber products which need high strength and high wearing resistance.


The wear ability of N234 is nearly 10% higher than N220; use under high severity level, can better demonstrate its good wear-resisting performance. Mainly used in the high-quality rubber products and the high-speed tire.

N326 has higher tensile strength, tearing toughness, wear resistance and resists and tears the intensity , wearability and anti-cracking performance in the natural rubber. It is mainly used in such tyre tread rubbers which require high intensity and low heat generation(including the off the road tyre), also suitable for conveyer belt, sealed products and other high-quality products of rubber industry.

N330 is a kind of carbon black which has good excess weld metal performance, can give the micelle better original properties, tear resistance, wear ability and elasticity. It is mainly used in the tire tread, cord fabric, tyre sidewall and various kinds of products of rubber industry.

At the aspect of the excess weld metal performance, wear-resisting performance and the crack growth resistance performance, the N339's is closer to the N220 carbon black's; it is especially suitable for the styrene-butadiene rubber and cis-buna system. It is mainly used in truck tread rubber, conveyer belt, rubber tube and various kinds of rubber industry products which have high wear ability demand.

N375's performance is essentially identical with the N339's performance, its generation of heat is slightly lower than the N339's. It is mainly used in the passenger tire, high capacity tyre and the off-the-road tyre tread rubber.

N550 is suitable for the natural rubber and various kinds of synthetic rubber, exchanges the scattering , can entrust to higher sex very much of sizing material; easy to disperse; it can give the sizing material higher upright performance, it has fast extrusion rate, small orifice expansion and smooth extrusion surface. The crosslinked rubber has good high-temperature performance and heat conduction performance, its excess weld metal performance, elasticity and recoverability are also very good. It is mainly used in the tire cord fabric, tyre sidewall, inner tyre and extruded rubbers and calendered goods.

Those sizing material which use the N539 will have smooth extrusion surface and small orifice expansion. The crosslinked rubber has higher tensile strength and coefficient of elongation; its extending stress is lower than the N550's,; but its elasticity and fatigue durability are better. It is mainly used in the tire body compound, is especially suitable for the breaker compound which mainly relying on natural rubber, it can be used also in the basal sizing material of tire, adhesive tape cover, other rubber products, electric wire and cable sheath material.

N660 suitable for various kinds of rubber; compare it with the semi-excess weld carbon black, it has higher structure, relatively thinner particle and it is apt to disperse in the sizing material; its cross linked rubber has higher tensile strength, tearing toughness and extending stress, and it has small deformation, low generation of heat and good elasticity. It is mainly used in tire cord fabric, inner tube of tyre, bicycle, rubber tube, adhesive tape, cable, shoes, calendered goods, mouldings, etc



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